Radio Carla

My new radio play, a ghost cum love story, first aired on Sunday, 17 January, 2016 as part of RTE's Drama on One series. It features Olwen Fouéré, Andrew Bennett and Deirdre Monaghan.
The producer was Aidan Mathews and sound supervision was by Mark McGrath.

Radio Carla

And this is In the Wings, where Olwen and I talk about the play.

The Drama On One site is full of rich pickings, an archive of radio drama and features going back several years, well worth keeping an eye on.


Dave Tilly said…
Thanks Peter a great lisen ,a place i grew up in spent my youth on that wall ,it holds many memeries for me of life and death,My late mum brought us to the shellie banks it was the secret reteret for Ringsenders .I learned to fish on that wall and got to know all the old charters long since passed Earney Mallan a north side man who wore a long black rain smock somthing you would see in the cowboy films and when the mackeral wear running it would get covered in scales glissing in the sun light just like your granit rocks.
I have pored frinds ashes at the half moon and the light house my father in law and friend Tom Bolger died at the back of the lighthouse looking over at the green as he would say .
I have swam at the half moon in the dark and experinced that cold.
Thanks for relighting the great memories of a place i love.
David Tilly.
The Cat Flap said…
Thanks Dave, lovely to hear your memories of the South Wall and Half Moon.
Best, Peter
Secondtohour said…
The train is taking me somewhere, I'm sure It's going to be a long day, I take time watching the trees and houses pass by, and whenever there is water It gets interesting to stare out the window. Time is moving with me, I'm really ahead of time the train is going faster than the clock. They did what they must do, sorted out what they came here to settle, I waited with the radio, it repeated the same song at times and that is when I knew time has passed, I have been waiting, barely noticed, the radio was more entertaining where I was that day, everyone is finished we caught the evening train

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